Minneapolis-Saint Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership (REDP)

400 Robert Street North
Suite 1520
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Phone: (651) 287-1300
Toll Free: (855) 287-1300
Email: info@greatermsp.org

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Biomedical/Bioscience Field

Business services for economic development


Support Services for Minneapolis bioscience initiatives


The REDP is a Private-Public Partnership (501C3), funded by business, institutions, and government, whose mission is to stimulate economic growth and prosperity, and a resultant higher quality of life for all citizens of the Minneapolis - St. Paul Metropolitan Region (MSA).


There are four specific activities that the REDP will lead or partner with existing organizations in order to accomplish:

Set a Strategic Vision

Brand and Market the Region Retain Current Businesses in the Region Attract Businesses to, and Expand Businesses in, the Region

Technical Support Contact