The Great North Alliance

P.O. Box 15715
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: (612) 348-7474
FAX: (612) 348-3932
Contact: Doug Petty, Executive Director



Civic leadership organization




To identify the best ideas for our region's future and the means to turn those ideas into action and to bring the best minds in the region together to develop a vision for increasing and expanding our region's global competitive capacity for the long term.


  • Overcome complacency by alerting people to the urgency and importance of making policy decisions that will make the region competitive.

  • Develop and pursue a vision of how the region can compete and recommend initiatives and policies to bolster our global competitive capacity.

  • Establish "leading indicators" that are more responsive to the new economy than existing economic measurements of regional performance.

  • Facilitate a partnership between business, government, and education to lead our region to a world-class future.

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