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Augustine Medical, Inc. has reorganized under our parent company Arizant Inc. This family of companies includes

Arizant Inc.'s subsidiaries, Arizant Healthcare Inc. and Augustine Medical, Inc. manufacture medical products.

Bair Hugger® brand Total Temperature Management® system

Provides a comprehensive line of products and services to meet interventional thermoregulation needs, including forced-air warming and blood/fluid warming

Bair Hugger® therapy

Bair Hugger warming units and 20 different disposable warming blankets to provide maximum effectiveness and flexibility in patient temperature management. From neonate to adult, patients benefit from a full line of easy-to-apply blankets designed for use before, during or after surgery.

241® fluid warming

Warms fluids and blood in combination with Bair Hugger therapy to prevent heat loss caused by infusing cold fluids. Provides two warming modalities with one piece of equipment.

Ranger® blood/fluid warming

The Ranger® blood/fluid warming system, which features SmartHeat technology that warms fluids without the use of bacteria-prone waterbaths, safely and effectively warms fluids from KVO to 30,000 mL per hour; reacts quickly to changes in flow rates and uses economical, easy-to-use disposable warming sets, virtually eliminating maintenance.

Bair Paws patient adjustable warming system

The Bair Paws system combines patient gowning and warming in one, easy step by using a small forced-air warming unit to deliver warmed air through a hose to channels in a warming gown. The Bair Paws system is designed to replace traditional patient gowns and the need for nurses to continually replace warmed cotton blankets on patients who are waiting for or recovering from surgery. While waiting for surgery, patients can adjust the air temperature in the system to a comfortable level using a hand-held temperature controller.

Bair Paws warming gowns are made from a soft, opaque material, are designed for single-use and are cut generously to protect patients' modesty.

Warm-Up® therapy (Augustine Medical, Inc. product)

Warm-Up® wound therapy system, a noncontact normothermic wound therapy designed to assist the body's own healing process by maintaining warmth and humidity in the wound area.


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