Corporate Initiatives Ltd.

10 South 5th St.
Suite 470
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: (612) 375-1190
FAX: (612) 375-1089
Contact: Ivar Sorensen, Managing Director

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Viking Venture Norway [Norway]

Establishment Region Karlstad [Sweden]

Investment Location Aarhus [Denmark]

Biomedical/Bioscience Field

Consulting and partnering services for the biomedical, biotechnology, and information technology fields




  • Technology transfer services into and out of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark

  • Strategic planning and financial management consulting services to startup firms in the biomedical, biotech and information technology fields

    Note: In 1998, the firm successfully negotiated the Medical and Health Care Initiative between the State of Minnesota and the Norwegian Ministry of Health to cooperate on development of technologies within the medical field.

    Technical Support Contact

    Nicholas Sorensen -