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Enterprise Minnesota
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Ability Building Center, Inc.
Advantek, Inc.
Adventium Labs
Alexandria Extrusion Company
Allargeo Ltd. Services
Altron, Inc.
American Bright Works
Amerilab Technologies, Inc.
Amex, Inc.
Andcor Companies, Inc.
Anderson Agency, Inc.
Anderson Dahlen, Inc.
AP Technology Management, Inc.
Aquila Biomedical, LLC
A.S.I. Associates
Aspen Research Corp.
A-TEK Manufacturing, Inc.
Auto ID Solutions, Inc.
Automated Control Systems
Avalon Engineering, LLC
AVS Associates LLC
Bauer Machine & Tool, Inc.
BIOMEC Cardiovascular, Inc.
BioTest Laboratories, Inc.
Blue Earth Research, LLC
Bob, Inc
BOC Edwards
Boos Dental Lab
Bose Corp.
Brady Medical Solutions - TruMed
Bureau Veritas Quality International
CardioTech International, Inc.
Catalyst Enterprises, LLC
C-Axis, Inc.
CDC Associates
ChRi Laboratories, Inc.
Cima NanoTech, Inc.
Cintegra Technology, Inc.
Cognizo Technologies, Inc.
Colder Products Company
Courante Oncology
Cross Technology, Inc.
Cybertrol Engineering, Inc.
Cymbet Corp.
Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
DCI, Inc.
DecipherI.T., Inc.
Denysys Corp.
Deringer-Ney, Inc.
Design Solutions, Inc.
Devicix LLC
Diversified Medical Corp./NCE
Doherty Human Resources Outsourcing
Donaldson Company
Donatelle Plastics, Inc.
Dorsey Health Strategies LLC
Douglas Scientific
Dymedex Consulting
Dynamic Engineering, Inc.
Dynamic Group
E&O Tool and Plastics, Inc.
Earth Tech, Inc.
EI Microcircuits, Inc.
Elec-Trol, Inc.
Element Materials Technology
Ellerbe Becket, Inc.
Emerson Consultants, Inc.
Eminent Research Systems, Inc.
Enova Medical Technologies, Inc.
Enpath Medical, Inc.
Entegris, Inc.
Environmental Intelligence, Inc.
Evergreen Consulting Group, LLC
Evergreen Medical Technologies, Inc.
Fang Consulting
Fast Forward Medical
Gavia BioQuest
GB Lumina, Inc.
Geoffrey Ferster Associates
GSP Consulting Corp.
Guidant Corp.
Guideline, Inc.
Guy Research
Hammel Green and Abrahamson, Inc.
Harland Medical Systems, Inc.
HDR, Inc.
HEI, Inc.
Heraeus Medical Components
Horwath Resource Group, LLC
Hysitron, Inc.
IFP, Inc.
Imperial Custom Molding, Inc.
InfoTech North LLC
Ingman Laboratories
Innovative Laser Technologies, Inc.
Innovatrix, Inc.
The Integra Group
InterNex, Ltd.
IntriCon Corp.
ISurTec, LLC
I-Tek Medical Technologies
J. Gordon Electronic Design, Inc.
Juno, Inc.
Katz Analytical Services
Kelly Scientific Resources
Kim & Associates
K. Mattox & Associates, Inc.
Lake Region Manufacturing, Inc.
Laserdyne Prima, Inc.
Leeds Precision Instruments, Inc.
Le Research, Inc.
Logic Product Development
LumiLife Corp.
M&A Group
Magellan Medical Technology Consultants
MagStar Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer's eBusiness Network
Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc.
Mayo Physician Alliance for Clinical Trials
McKechnie Plastic Components, Inc.
McLean Medical and Scientific, Inc.
MDT Services
Measurement Technology Laboratories
Medical Concepts Development, Inc.
Medical Engineering Resources, LLC
Medical Learning, Inc.
MedNet Solutions, Inc.
MedSource Technologies, Inc.
MedTech Development
MedTech Leadership, Inc.
MedVest LLC
MEI Research, Ltd.
Mendell Machine and Manufacturing, Inc.
Micro Control Company
Micro Dynamics Corp.
Micro-Matics LLC
Micro Modeling Associates, Inc.
Mike Mirvis Consulting
Minnesota Applied Research Center
Minnesota Small Business Services - MNSBS
Minnesota Wire
Minnetronix, Inc.
MLS Services
MSP Corp.
NanoValley Innovations
The NanoVeritas Group
National Calibration and Testing Laboratories
NewMech Companies, Inc.
Northwest Swiss-Matic, Inc.
NVE Corp.
Omnetics Connector Corp.
On Call Clinicians
Optomec Advanced Applications Laboratory
OSI Batteries, Inc.
Outlook Biomedical
Pace Analytical Services, Inc. - Environmental
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
Palen/Kimball Company
ParTech Corporation
Phillips Plastics Corp.
Phoenix Medical Services, Inc.
Physical Electronics, Inc.
Poliac Research Corp.
Polymer Composites, Inc.
Porous Media Corp.
PPD, Inc.
PPI Technologies, Inc.
Precise Products Corp.
ProCon Companies
Product Technologies Design, LLC
ProMed Molded Products, Inc.
Proposals Granted, LLC
Pulse Innovation
Quality Research, Development & Consulting, Inc.
Quality Systems
Red Wing Technologies, Inc.
Remmele Engineering, Inc.
U of M Research Services Organization
Resolvit Resources
Revis & Associates, Inc.
RINTek Laboratories, Inc.
Rivertek Medical Systems, Inc.
rms machining
RTP Company
Ryder Engineering Corp.
S&K Automation
S&W Plastics, Inc.
Schott Corp.
Science Applications International Corporation - SAIC
Scientific Molding Corporation Ltd.
Scientific Staffing, Inc.
Sebesta Blomberg and Associates, Inc.
Signorelli & Associates, Inc.
SiteCal, Inc.
Solutions Engineering, LLC
SPECTRAlytics, Inc.
Spectrum Design Solutions, Inc.
St. Paul Consulting
Steinwall, Inc.
SterilMed, Inc.
Stork Twin City Testing
Stratasys, Inc.
Strategic Leadership Group, Inc.
Strategic Pharmaceutical Solutions, Inc.
Surgical Technologies, Inc.
Symbios Clinical, Inc.
Symbology, Inc.
Synaptic Medical, Inc.
Synovis Interventional Solutions
Talencio, LLC
The Tamarack Group, LLC
TeamVantage Molding, Inc.
techMatrix, LLC
TestResources, Inc.
TFX Medical, Inc.
Tom Wilson Associates
Topline Medical, LLC
Top Tool Co.
TriCardia, LLC.
Tripp Umbach Healthcare Consulting, Inc.
TriVirix International, Inc.
TruMed Technologies, Inc.
TSE, Inc.
TTI, Inc.
TÜV SÜD America
Unipower, Inc.
Veeco Instruments, Inc.
Via Biomedical, Inc.
Virtelligence, Inc.
Volt Life Sciences
Wilbrecht Electronics, Inc.
Worrell, Inc.