Health Informatics Seminar
October 24, 1996

The rapid emergence of the World Wide Web has made the computer an instrument for mass communication and networked intelligence. Because the Web is both interactive and global, research scientists and engineers can extend the discovery process by drawing their distant colleagues into their experiments. At the local and regional level, universities are critical to brainpower-based industry clusters such as Minnesota's "Medical Alley." The development of electronic networks of these clusters consisting of university research scientists and engineers, technology development organizations, manufacturers and suppliers, and a support structure of legal, regulatory, and venture firms can enhance prospects for commerce and trade in the 21st century.


  • Introduction

  • Media Convergence

  • Trials of Technology

  • AHC Web Project

  • Web Project Support Documents

  • WWW as an Instructional Tool

  • AHC Research Service

  • Economic Upheaval

  • Prescription for Success

  • From Tiananmen to the 21st Century