Biomedical Genomics Center

Academic Health Center
University of Minnesota

Contact: Kenneth Beckman, Ph.D., Director. Phone: 612.626.2985

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Biomedical/Bioscience Field

Biomedical genomics research and education


The mission of the BMGC is to promote genomics and proteomics research at the University of Minnesota and in the community


Research Programs

  • microbial pathogenomics
  • cancer genomics
  • pharmacogenomics and drug discovery
  • genomics of complex traits, systems, and disease
  • immunogenomics
  • stem cell genomics
  • molecular diagnostics and biomedical engineering

    Virtual Biomedical Genomics Center

  • microbial/comparative pathogenomics
  • cancer genomics
  • genomics of development and disease
  • pharmacogenomics/drug discovery
  • molecular diagnostics
  • proteomics
  • bioinformatics


  • genomics fellowship program
  • bioethics, law, & health policy program

    Technical Support Contact