Center for Cardiovascular Repair

Academic Health Center
University of Minnesota

512 Church Street SE
7-105A NHH
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: (612) 626-1416
Contact: Doris Taylor, PhD., Director

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Biomedical/Bioscience Field

Cardiovascular engineering
Tissue engineering
Stem cell research


The mission of the CCVR is to move novel cell-, gene-, and tissue engineering-based therapies safely and effectively from bench to bedside while preparing students and fellows to compete at an international level in the field of cardiac and vascular repair and regeneration.


The research of the CCVR is based on the idea that heart disease and other age-related illnesses are due to an insufficiency of healthy tissue-repairing stem cells. The CCVR carries out basic, preclinical, and clinical research aimed at finding ways to supply stem cells to the heart and other organs to prevent and repair damage. Its studies are concentrated in three main areas:

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