Institute for Engineering in Medicine

Medical School
University of Minnesota

MMC 609 Mayo
420 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: (612) 624-8483
FAX: (612) 625-0617
Contact: Jeffrey McCullough, MD, Director

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The Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) is an interdisciplinary research organization that leverages the collective expertise, imagination, and energy of University of Minnesota faculty from engineering and health sciences and individuals from local industry toward highly collaborative, goal-oriented research to solve problems in health care. The products of this research are new concepts, procedures, devices, and materials that will enhance the University's portfolio in health care delivery and will support Minnesota's health care product industry.


1. Foster interdisciplinary research among faculty in the biomedical sciences, engineering, and clinical fields. Areas of research include but are not limited to: 2. Obtain external grant support for these research programs from federal agencies, corporations, and philanthropic organizations.

3. Engage the medical products industry in collaborative programs to develop University of Minnesota technology and foster the transfer of intellectual property and devices for commercialization.

4. Support the educational mission of the Biomedical Engineering Department.

5. Engage and collaborate with other Medical School and Academic Health Center organizations involved in translational research.