National Institute of Health Policy

A University of Minnesota and University of St. Thomas Partnership

1000 LaSalle Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403-2005
Phone: (651) 962-4630
FAX: (651) 962-4129
Contact: Daniel B. McLaughlin, Executive Director, 651-962-4143

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The National Institute of Health Policy (NIHP) is a health policy development partnership of the two largest public and private universities in Minnesota and is designed to promote the creation of effective health policy. It is a neutral forum which can facilitate:


The mission of the NIHP is to improve the health of the population and the quality of health services by improving public policy. To achieve this mission, the NIHP creates and facilitates processes whereby diverse sets of constituencies are involved in seeking public and private sector solutions. These solutions are created by participatory dialogue, research, education and the dissemination of new information. The process is designed to elevate the discussion beyond parochial interests in order to shape public policy within the transition to a new health care system.

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