Regions Alzheimer's Research Center

Regions Hospital

640 Jackson St.
St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: (651) 228-8323
FAX: (651) 292-4040
Contact: William H. Frey II, PhD.

Biomedical Field

Drug delivery
Cholinergic therapies
Anitoxidant therapies


Biomedical research

Research Program

Patented noninvasive intranasal drug delivery method for bypassing the blood-brain barrier and delivering therapeutic and diagnostic agents to the brain.

The Regions Alzheimer's Research Center was founded in 1977 and maintains one of the nation's largest human dementia brain banks with more than 2,000 cases. In addition to its patented noninvasive drug delivery method, the Center has developed new cholinergic enhancing strategies for treating Alzheimer's disease and for preventing oxidative stress.

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