Surgical Device, Instrumentation and Supply Companies

Cardious, Inc.
Clarus Medical, LLC
Coloplast Corp.
Enpath Medical, Inc.
Entellus Medical, Inc.
EnteroMedics, Inc.
EPIEN Medical, Inc.
Gel-Del Technologies, Inc.
Gyrus Medical, Inc.
Incisive Surgical, Inc.
Inlet Medical, Inc.
Interrad Medical, Inc.
Key Surgical, Inc.
Kinetic Concepts, Inc.
Kips Bay Medical, Inc.
Lifecore Biomedical, Inc.
McLean Medical and Scientific, Inc.
MediVators, Inc.
Medtronic-Bio Medicus, Inc.
Medtronic Restore Medical
Micromedics, Inc.
Minnesota Bramstedt Surgical Instruments, Inc.
Minntech Corp.
Nascent Surgical, LLC
Omni-Tract Surgical
PMT Corp.
PneuMedics, Inc.
Pursuit Vascular, Inc.
Ross-Hime Designs, Inc.
Scanlan International, Inc.
Stereotaxis, Inc.
Surgical Technologies, Inc.