MBBNet Testimonials

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MBBNet Testimonials

MBBNet - the Minnesota Biomedical and Bioscience Network - is the world's largest regional Internet gateway in the life sciences and health care fields, providing global access to 1,300 regional organizations from a single web site. These organizations include research centers and institutes in the Twin Cities, Rochester and other locations, companies, hospitals, foundations, nonprofits, state agencies, cooperatives, professional and trade associations, science libraries and museums, and service organizations. MBBNet serves to raise regional self-awareness and to assist in global recruitment of students, faculty, employees and entrepreneurs.

MBBNet: http://www.mbbnet.umn.edu

Comments about the MBBNet initiative

"I believe that what you are doing is crucial to the well being of the state of Minnesota and certainly the Twin Cities area."

              Stephen N. Oesterle, MD
              Sr. Vice President, Medicine & Technology
              Medtronic, Inc.

Recommendations: "Promote international research and development and educational partnerships among the state's universities and community colleges and overseas institutions. Use these partnerships to cement relationships where possible, as in the North Carolina relationship with Uruguay and the Minnesota MBBNet with Switzerland."

              "A Governor's Guide to Trade
              & Global Competitiveness"
              National Governors Association,
              Best Practices Center
              Washington, DC. July 2002

"A virtual community of this magnitude provides a much needed link to ease the transfer of technology from our laboratories and classrooms into the marketplace of good and services."

              Mark G. Yudof
              President, University of Minnesota (1997-2002)

"That's a good idea."

              Michael E. Porter
              Bishop William Lawrence University Professor
              Harvard Business School

"I have passed the URL for MBBNet on to many people including students as a very useful resource. Keep up the great work!!"

              John Linehan, PhD.
              Vice President, The Whitaker Foundation
              Washington, DC

"By connecting our regional medical researchers, labs, companies, and think tanks in a wired community of expertise and allowing open, worldwide access to that community of innovation, [MBBNet] has made clear and significant contributions to the local and global communities."

              Douglas Petty
              The Great North Alliance
              "Civic Leadership for Regional Competitiveness"

"A key role of this information is for students looking for summer opportunities/coop assignments/fulltime employment upon completion of their degree."

              Nancy Drake
              Vice President, Islet Technology, Inc.
              Board Member, Biomed. Engineering Institute

"I'm very impressed with the MBBNet Medical Device...Listing. Would it be possible for BMES to link to the MBBNet list of companies? I think our student members could benefit from this listing."

              Patricia Horner
              Executive Director
              Biomedical Engineering Society


Comments consistent with the MBBNet initiative

"This partnership will create hundreds of new highly-skilled research positions in Minnesota, significant advances in healthcare and the birth of a major new industry creating thousands of quality jobs and positioning Minnesota as a world center in this field."

              Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty
              "Governor announces historic partnership
              between University of Minnesota
              and Mayo Clinic," April 17, 2003

"Increasingly in today's economy, it's intellectual capital, it's knowledge-based industries that are fueling the United States economy, and clearly in the State of Minnesota that would be even more so."

              U of M Interim President Robert Bruininks
              Minnesota Public Radio, November 7, 2002
"I think it's really important for the members of the next legislature to see Minnesota in a national and international context. Our ability to compete over the long term depends on visionary investment and policy development that will enable this state to retain and attract talent, capital, and industry. Increasingly, talent and capital know no borders."

              Christine Maziar, PhD.
              Executive Vice President & Provost
              University of Minnesota
              Minnesota Technology, October 2002

"Technology and science forecasters are nearly uniform in their declarations of the preeminence of the life sciences for this new century. It is imperative that the University of Minnesota be a significant player on the national and international stages in these scientific fields and by doing so provide both a window on the future and the human capital that will be needed by Minnesota's industry, agriculture, and health services sectors."

              University of Minnesota
              "Commission on Excellence"
              September 2002

"This vision depends on leadership at the highest levels to create an environment in which public-private partnerships enhance and advance a focused knowledge-driven industry cluster strategy that maintains the vitality of existing industries and builds on Minnesota's emerging industry clusters."

              Building a Knowledge Economy
              for Minnesota's 21st Century
              A Report to the People of Minnesota
              from the Economic Working Group
              December 2000

"When this Commission speaks of a 'learning society,' it attempts to define something quite new. Among the key elements of a learning society: ...It values regional and global interconnections and cultural links...."

              Kellogg Commission on the Future of State
              and Land-Grant Universities
              January 2001

Efforts "to link technology and industry...have proven successful; these may provide templates for other cross-sector/cross-discipline collaborations."

              Envisioning A 21st Century Science and
              Engineering Workforce for the United States:
              Tasks for University, Industry, and Government.
              The National Academies, Washington DC