RADI-Group and DAS Digital Analogic Systems S.r.l.

Viale Tivoli Km. 18,642
Via Lucio PAPIRIO, 78
00018 Palombatra Sabina (Roma) 00174 Roma
Telephone: 39-774-66-840
Teleph./Fax: 39-6-715-83-236
E-mail: keyrt@tin.it
Contact: Radicchi Tonino

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Biomedical Field

Bioanalytic instrumentation




OR-9710770 Fully Automated ELISA Analyzer
(sample diluition, reagent addition, plate incubation, plate washer, plate reader, printing of result. Optional: IFA Immunofluorecence glass process upgrade)

OR-9710660 Automatic Dispensing Station (sample diluition, reagent addition, plate incubation, plate washer)

OR-9710220 ELISA Plate Reader (including printer, 4 filters)

OR-9710100 ELISA Strip Reader (including printer, 4 filters)

OR-9710330 ANALYZER 90 (Photometer) ( including printer, flow cell, aspiration pump, 7 interf. filters)

OR-9710440 NEO-BIL (Bilirubinometer) ( including printer)

OR-9710335 COMPACT MONO-LYZER (Photometer)

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