Health-Related Software and Information Management, Device and Display Companies

Minnesota High Technology Association
Soft Center Duluth
U of M Digital Media Center
U of M Digital Technology Center
U of M Software Engineering Center

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ABILITY Network, Inc.
Acera Innovation
Achieve Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.
Acumen Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Acuo Technologies LLC
Adayana, Inc.
ADC Telecommunications, Inc.
Analytical Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
August Technology Corp.
Aurora Technology, Inc.
AVS Associates LLC
Benson Medical Instruments Co.
BoundaryMedical, Inc.
BT Consulting & Systems Integration
BT Safety LLC
Cardinal Health Systems
Cardtronic Technology, Inc.
CareFacts Information Systems, Inc.
Ceridian Corp.
Clinical Research Systems, Inc.
Clinician Computing, Inc.
cMore Medical Solutions, Inc.
Computer Solutions, Inc.
Cray Research, Inc.
Creative Healthcare Management, Inc.
Cross Technology, Inc.
Cybertrol Engineering, Inc.
Dasco Systems, Inc.
DataCard Corp.
Datakey Electronics
Datalog, Inc.
Definity Health
Denysys Corp.
Destron Fearing Corp.
Digi International
Dotronix Inc.
Dynacor, Inc.
Dynamic Health Technologies, Inc.
Elmwood Solutions, Inc.
EMR Innovations, Inc.
Endocardial Solutions, Inc.
Epsilon Systems, Inc.
Ergotron, Inc.
Express Scripts
Fair Isaac Corp.
FARGO Electronics, Inc.
Fortress Medical Systems, LLC
Freedom of Speech, Inc
GeoDigm Corp.
Greenbrier & Russel
Gryphon Design, Inc.
Guideline, Inc.
HeadWater Systems, Inc.
Healthcare Academy
HealthEZ, Inc.
Health Card Solutions
HealthSimple, LLC
Hearing Clinic
HHPC Systems
Honeywell, Inc.
Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc.
IBM Corp.
Identix, Inc.
Image Systems Corp.
Imation Corp.
Ingenix, Inc.
Inish Corp.
Innovative Research, Inc.
InstyMeds Corp.
ISI Partners, Inc.
IZEX Technologies, Inc.
Kardia Health Systems, Inc.
Lancet Software Development, Inc.
Laser Design, Inc.
Lawson Software
LSS Data Systems, Inc.
Lumina Engineering
McGraw-Hill Healthcare Informatics
McKesson Corp.
McKessonHBOC Medical Group Extended Care
McKesson Medication Management
Medical Imaging Solutions
Medical Outcomes
Medical Transactions, Inc.
Medication Management Systems, Inc.
Medicom Digital
MedNet Solutions, Inc.
Medpower, Inc.
Medtronic CareLink Network
MELYX Corp., Inc.
Micro Medical Systems, Inc.
Minnesota Datametrics Corporation
Minnesota IMPLAN Group, Inc.
Minnesota Medical Edu-Ware
Minnesota Research Associates
Minnetronix, Inc.
NaviCare Systems, Inc.
NK Biotechnical Corp.
Norstan Network Services, Inc.
ODS Medical, Inc.
OFSTEAD & Associates, Inc.
Pace Logistics and Technology, Inc.
PCS Health Systems, Inc.
Pentonian, Inc.
Poliac Research Corp.
Prisma International, Inc.
ProMedicus Systems, Inc.
ProVation Medical, Inc.
Psyncretis, Inc.
QRS Diagnostic, LLC
QuestStar Medical, Inc.
Research Data Assistance Center
Revis & Associates, Inc.
Rorke Data, Inc.
Rx2000 Institute
SAC Technologies, Inc.
SAGE Health Management Solutions, Inc.
St. Croix Systems, Inc.
Sallberg Medical, Inc.
SAS Institute, Inc.
ScanHealth, Inc.
Seagate Technology LLC
7 Medical Systems, LLC
Simulation Works, Inc.
Sisu Medical Systems
Soft Flow, Inc.
SPS Commerce
St. Anthony Publishing
Stellent, Inc.
StoneBridge Group
Strategic Advantage, Inc.
Stratamed Labs, Inc.
Stratis Health
SWAT Solutions, Inc.
U of M TeleHome Care
Tom Wilson Associates
Unisys Corp.
Velocity Healthcare Informatics, Inc.
Velos Medical Informatics, Inc.
Virtelligence, Inc.
Vital Images, Inc.
Vivius, Inc.
VMSC Corp.
XIOtech Corp.


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