Medical Device, Instrumentation and Supply Companies

Coronary stent
by Jeff Johnson
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   Advanced Medical Technology Association

   Medical Device Manufacturers Association

BioCoR- biopreservation services
BioNet- biomaterials procurement services
Center for Cardiovascular Repair
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Experimental Surgery Services
Institute for Engineering in Medicine
LifeScience Alley
Lillehei Heart Institute
Mayo Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering
Medical Devices Center
NIH - National Insititute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering [NIBIB]
Research Animal Resources
University Enterprise Laboratories, Inc.
Yahoo! / Market Guide - Medical Equipment and Supplies

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Ability Building Center, Inc.
Acist Medical Systems, Inc.
Activeaid Inc
Advanced Bio Surfaces, Inc.
Advanced Medical Electronics, Inc.
Advanced Respiratory
AGA Medical Corp.
AIB - Analytical Instruments Ltd.
Altimate Medical, Inc.
American Medical Systems, Inc.
American TeleCare, Inc.
Angeion Corp.
Annex Medical, Inc.
Anodyne Rehab, Inc.
Anoka Biomedical, Inc.
Antares Pharma, Inc..
Anulex Technologies, Inc.
Apnex Medical, Inc.
Applied Membrane Technology, Inc.
Arizant Inc.
Ativa Medical, Inc.
Atritech, Inc.
ATS Medical, Inc.
Ault, Inc.
AUM Cardiovascular, LLC
Aura Lens Products, Inc.
Bacoustics, LLC
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Benson Medical Instruments Co.
The Bergquist Company
Better Care Medical, Inc.
BioMatRx, LLC
BIOMEC Cardiovascular, Inc.
Biomedical Frontiers, Inc.
BioMedix, Inc.
Biotel Inc. - Braemar, Inc.
Biovest International, Inc.
Birchwood Laboratories, Inc.
Bird & Cronin, Inc.
Bluestar Enterprises Medical Division
BME Labstores
Bose Corp.
Boston Scientific Corp.
Brennen Medical, Inc.
BridgePoint Medical, Inc.
Brown Medical Industries
Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc.
Cardia, Inc.
Cardiac Concepts, Inc.
Cardiac Evaluation Center, Inc.
Cardiac Science, Inc.
CardialCare, Inc.
CardioTech International, Inc.
Cardious, Inc.
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
CarePoint Diagnostics, Inc.
CarTika Medical, Inc.
Chameleon Scientific
Chart Industries, Inc.
CHF Solutions, Inc.
Clarus Medical, LLC
Closys Corp.
CoAxia, Inc.
Coloplast Corp.
ConcepTx Medical, Inc.
ContiMed, Inc.
CoreSpine Technologies, Inc.
Corventis Medical, Inc.
Cross Technology, Inc.
CVRx, Inc.
Cyphermetrix, Inc.
CystoMedix, Inc.
Dagan Corp.
Datalog, LLC.
Dermatrends, Inc.
DesignWise Medical
DGIMed Ortho, Inc.
Diametrics Medical, Inc.
DiaSorin, Inc.
Digital Angel Corp.
Diversified Medical Corp.
DMS Health Group
Donaldson Company
Dotronix, Inc.
Dymedix Corp.
Eastman Kodak Company - Health Imaging Group
ELA Medical, LLC
Electromed, Inc.
Emerson Process Management
Empi, Inc.
Endocardial Solutions, Inc.
Endocare, Inc.
Enhanced Mobility Technologies, Inc.
Enpath Medical, Inc.
Entellus Medical, Inc.
EnteroMedics, Inc.
Envoy Medical, Inc.
EPIEN Medical, Inc.
Ergodyne, Inc.
Excelen Center for Bone & Joint Research and Education
Excorp Medical
Expodent, Inc.
Express Diagnostics International
Fast Forward Medical
FilmTec Corporation
Gel-Del Technologies, Inc.
GH Medical, Inc.
GMI, Inc.
GN ReSound North America
GT Urological, Inc.
Guidant Corp.
Gyrus Medical, Inc.
HALO Innovations, Inc.
Harbinger Medical, Inc.
Harland Medical Systems, Inc.
Harris Communications, Inc.
HeadWater Systems, Inc.
Healthworks Home Medical, Inc.
Hearing Components, Inc.
Heart Failure Technologies, Inc.
HEI, Inc.
Higher Dimension Research, Inc.
Honeywell, Inc.
Hutchinson Technology, Inc.
Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc.
Image Systems Corp.
ImPres Medical, Inc.
Imricor Medical Inc.
Incisive Surgical, Inc.
Inlet Medical, Inc.
Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc.
Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.
Intellignostics, Inc.
International Cardio Corp.
Interrad Medical, Inc.
Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc.
IntriCon Corp.
Inverness Medical Technology, Inc.
Iotek, Inc.
J. Gordon Electronic Design, Inc.
Kensey Nash Corporation
Keomed, Inc.
Key Surgical, Inc.
Kinetic Concepts, Inc.
Kips Bay Medical, Inc.
Lake Region Manufacturing, Inc.
LecTec Corp.
Lifecore Biomedical, Inc.
Lumen Biomedical, Inc.
Lutonix, Inc.
MagStar Technologies, Inc.
MAICO Diagnostics
Mallinckrodt, Inc. - Imaging
MaxMed, Inc.
McLean Medical and Scientific, Inc.
Medafor, Inc.
MedicalCV, Inc.
Medical Graphics Corp.
Medical Innovations International, Inc.
Medical Products Resource
Medical Solutions, Inc.
Medinvent, LLC
MediVators, Inc.
MedSource Technologies, Inc.
Medspira, LLC
Medtronic, Inc.
Medtronic MiniMed
Medtronic Neurological
Medtronic Restore Medical
Medwave, Inc.
Merit Corp.
Micromedics, Inc.
MicroSurfaces, Inc.
Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments
Microvena Corp.
Midwest Medical Services
Midwest Science Biocenter
Minnesota Microtechnology Laboratory
MinforMed LLC
Minnesota Bramstedt Surgical Instruments, Inc.
Minnesota Medical
Minnetronix, Inc.
Minntech Corp.
Miracle-Ear®, Inc.
Miromatrix Medical, Inc.
MITI Corp.
Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.
MR Instruments, Inc.
MTS Systems Corp.
Myocor, Inc.
Nanocopoeia, Inc.
Nascent Surgical, LLC
Neochord, Inc.
NeuroVasx, Inc.
NK Biotechnical Corp.
Nonin Medical, Inc.
Nonvolatile Electronics, Inc.
NuAire, Inc.
NxThera, Inc.
Omni-Tract Surgical
OncoStim, Inc.
Optical Sensors, Inc.
Optomec Advanced Applications Laboratory
Orasi Medical, Inc.
OrthoCor Medical, Inc.
Osborn Medical Corp.
Osmonics, Inc.
Otto Bock Health Care
Patterson Dental Co.
PediaPals LLC
Phillips Plastics Corp.
PlasiaTEK, LLC
PlayCor, Inc.
PMT Corp.
PneuMedics, Inc.
Possis Medical Inc.
Powerscope, Inc.
Prevent Products, Inc.
ProMed Molded Products, Inc.
PROMEON Division of Medtronic
Promethean Medical Technologies, Inc.
ProUroCare, Inc.
Pulmonetic Systems, Inc.
PureZone Technologies, LLC
Pursuit Vascular, Inc.
QRS Diagnostic
QRS Mounts, Inc.
Radiation Products Design, Inc.
Rapid Diagnostek, Inc.
Raymedica, Inc.
Reliable Medical Supply, Inc.
Renco Corp.
RespirTech, Inc.
R8Scan Corp.
Rochester Medical Corporation
Ross-Hime Designs, Inc.
Rotation Medical, Inc.
RTP Company
Sallberg Medical, Inc.
Scanlan International, Inc.
Scientific Equipment Liquidators, Inc.
Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
Seizure Alert
Sinus Rhythm Technologies, Inc.
Smiths Medical MD
Soderberg Ophthalmic Services, Inc.
Sonic Innovations, Inc.
Spectrum-Aeromed, Inc.
Spinal Designs International, Inc.
The Spineology Group
St. Jude Medical, Inc.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.
Stereotaxis, Inc.
Sunshine Heart, Inc.
superDimension, Inc.
Surgical Technologies, Inc.
SurModics, Inc.
Synovis Interventional Solutions
Synovis Life Technologies, Inc.
Systec, Inc.
Tactile Systems, Inc.
Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.
Technology for Education, Inc.
TEC Interface Systems
TeleHealth Technologies, Inc.
Telex, Inc.
Theradyne Healthcare
3M Company
3M Medica
Timm Medical Technologies
Torax Medical, Inc.
TRICOR Systems, Inc.
TruMed Technologies, Inc.
TSI, Inc.
Twin Star Medical, Inc.
Ulti Med, Inc.
Uni-Patch, Inc.
Universal Hospital Services, Inc.
Urologix, Inc.
Uromedica, Inc.
Urometrics, Inc.
Uroplasty, Inc.
Vasamedics, Inc.
Vascular Innovations, Inc.
Vascular Solutions, Inc.
Velocimed, LLC
Via Biomedical, Inc.
ViaMedics, LLC
Vital Images, Inc.
Vital Signs, Inc.
Waters Instruments, Inc.
Watlow Controls
Winkley Orthotics & Prosthetics
WR Medical Electronics
Zimmer Spine
Zyga Technology, Inc.


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