Minnesota Firsts


Coronary stent

Abbott Laboratories Diagnostic Division
Abbott Northwestern Hospital
ABF Display Co.
Ability Building Center, Inc.
ABILITY Network, Inc.
Academy of Bioscience
Acatris USA
Access Genetics, Inc.
Acera Biosciences, Inc.
Acera Innovation
Achieve Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.
Acist Medical Systems, Inc.
Activeaid, Inc
Acumen Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Acuo Technologies LLC
Adayana, Inc.
ADC Ventures
Advanced Bio Surfaces, Inc.
Advanced Medical Electronics, Inc.
Advanstar Pharmaceutical Group
Advantek, Inc.
Adventium Labs
Aerotek Scientific
Aethlon Capital LLC
Affinity Capital
AGA Medical Corp.
Agassiz Energy, LLC
Agio Capital Partners, LLP
AgriChem, Inc.
Agricultural & Food Sciences Academy
Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI)
Agri-Energy, LLC
Agriliance, LLC
AGVISE Laboratories, Inc.
AIB - Analytical Instruments Ltd.
Aistrup Associates
Albert Lea Seed House
Al-Corn Clean Fuel
Aldevron LLC
Alexandria Extrusion Company
Alfalfa America, Inc.
Algos Therapeutics, Inc.
Allargeo Ltd. Services
Alliancz Medical Consultants
Allina Health System
AllOut Marketing, Inc.
Alquest, Inc.
Altimate Medical, Inc.
Altron, Inc.
America's PPO
American Academy of Neurology
American Association of Cereal Chemists
American Bright Works
American Crystal Sugar Co.
American Diabetes Association - Minnesota
American Heart Association - Northland Affiliate
American-Israel Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Minnesota, Inc.
American Lung Association of Minnesota
American Medical Systems, Inc.
American Red Cross
American Red Cross Twin Cities Chapter
American TeleCare, Inc.
Amerilab Technologies, Inc.
Amex, Inc.
AMV Partners, LLC
Analytical Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Ancell Corp.
Andcor Companies, Inc.
Anderson Agency, Inc.
Anderson Dahlen, Inc.
ANDX, Inc.
Angeion Corp.
U of M Animal Biotechnology Center
ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Annex Medical, Inc.
Anodyne Rehab, Inc.
Anoka Biomedical, Inc.
Anoka-Ramsey Community College - Biomedical Technologies Program
Antares Pharma, Inc.
Anulex Technologies, Inc.
AP Technology Management, Inc.
Apnex Medical, Inc.
Apothecary Products, Inc.
Applied Bioprocess Containers
Applied Membrane Tech., Inc.
Apprise Technologies, Inc.
Apptec Laboratory Services, Inc.
Apria Healthcare
Aquila Biomedical, LLC
Archer Daniels Midland Co.
Argus Biofuels, LLC
Arizant Inc.
Artesian Capital
Aspen Research Corp.
Associated Eye Care LLC
A-TEK Manufacturing, Inc.
ATG Laboratories, Inc.
Ativa Medical, Inc.
ATMI Packaging
Atritech, Inc.
ATS Medical, Inc.
August Technology Corp.
Ault, Inc.
AUM Cardiovascular, LLC
Aura Lens Products, Inc.
Auto ID Solutions, Inc.
Automated Control Systems
Avalon Engineering, LLC
AVS Associates, Inc.
Axcan Pharma U.S., Inc.
Babcock Genetics, Inc.
Bacoustics, LLC
The Bakken Library and Museum
Barr Engineering, Inc.
BASF AgGenetics
U of M Basic Research Center on Molecular and Cell Biology of Drug Addiction
Bauer Machine & Tool, Inc.
U of M Beckman Center for Transposon Research
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Bell Museum of Natural History
BEM Corp.
Benedictine Health System
Benson Medical Instruments Co.
Bentz Whaley Flessner
Bepex International, LLC
The Bergquist Company
Berman Center for Outcomes & Clinical Research
Bernafon-Maico, Inc.
Betaseed, Inc.
Better Care Medical, Inc.
Bimeda Animal Health, Inc.
BioAmber, Inc.
BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota
BIO-CAT Microbials, LLC
BioCee, Inc.
U of M BioCoR
U of M Biodale - Biotech Research Services
BioDiagnostics, Inc.
Bioenergy, Inc.
BioE, Inc.
BioFuel Energy Corp.
Biogenetic Services, Inc.
U of M Bioinformatics Resources
U of M Bioinformatics Summer Institute
BIO-key International
BioMatrix International
BioMatRx, LLC
BIOMEC Cardiovascular, Inc.
U of M Biomedical Discovery District
U of M Biomedical Engineering Department
Biomedical Frontiers, Inc.
U of M Biomedical Genomics Center
U of M Biomedical Image Processing Laboratory
U of M Bio-Medical Library
BioMedix, Inc.
University of Minnesota BioNet - Biological Materials Procurement Network
BIOrational Consultants, Inc.
Biorefining, Inc.
Bio Regenerate, Inc.
U of M Biostatistics Consulting Laboratory
Biotechnology Center at Elk Run (BCER)
U of M BioTechnology Institute
Biotechnology Program - University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Biotek Instruments, Inc.
Biotel Inc. - Braemar, Inc.
BioTest Laboratories, Inc.
Bioverse, Inc.
Biovest International, Inc.
Biovet, Inc.
Birchwood Laboratories, Inc.
Bird & Cronin, Inc.
Bison Renewable Energy, LLC
Bixby Energy Systems, Inc.
The Blandin Foundation
BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota
BlueCross BlueShield BluePrint for Health
Blue Earth Research, LLC
BlueFire Partners, Inc.
Bluestar Enterprises Medical Division
BME Lab & Science
BMT Laboratories
Bob, Inc
BOC Edwards
Boos Dental Lab
Bosch Packaging Technology
Bose Corp.
Boston Scientific Corp.
BoundaryMedical, Inc.
Brady Medical Solutions - TruMed
U of M Brain Sciences Center
BrainScience on the Move
Brennen Medical, Inc.
BridgePoint Medical, Inc.
Briggs & Morgan
British-American Business Council of Minnesota (BABC/MN)
Brown Medical Industries
BT Safety LLC
Bushmills Ethanol, Inc.
The Business Journal of Minneapolis and St. Paul
Buyer's Health Care Action Group - BHCAG
C2C Technologies, Inc.
Canadian Consulate General, Minneapolis
U of M Cancer Center
Canopy Medical, LLC
Capital City Bioscience Corp.
Capstone Ventures, Inc.
Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc.
Cardia, Inc.
U of M Cardiac Arrhythmia Center
Cardiac Concepts, Inc.
Cardiac Evaluation Center, Inc.
Cardiac Science, Inc.
CardialCare, Inc.
Cardinal Health Systems
CardioTech International, Inc.
Cardious, Inc.
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
CardioVision 2020
Cardtronic Technology, Inc.
U of M Career and Lifework Center
Care Providers of Minnesota
CareFacts Information Systems, Inc.
CarePoint Diagnostics, Inc.
Cargill, Inc.
Cargill Health & Food Technologies
Cargill Ventures
U of M Carlson Ventures Enterprise
Carol, The Care Marketplace
CarTika Medical, Inc.
Catalyst Enterprises, LLC
C-Axis, Inc.
CDC Associates
Cellectis Plant Sciences
Cenex Harvest States - Land O' Lakes
U of M Center for Advanced Manufacturing, Design and Control
U of M Center for Animal Health & Food Safety
U of M Center for Biodegradation Research and Informatics
U of M Center for Bioethics
U of M Center for Biorefining
U of M Center for Cardiovascular Repair
U of M Center for Cognitive Sciences
U of M Center for Dairy Health, Management, and Food Quality
U of M Center for the Development of Technological Leadership
Center for Diagnostic Imaging
U of M Center for Diesel Research (biodiesel)
U of M Center for Drug Design
U of M Center for Genome Engineering
U of M Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship
U of M Center for Immunology
U of M Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy
U of M Center for International Food & Agricultural Policy
U of M Center for Lung Science and Health
U of M Center for Magnetic Resonance Research
U of M Center for Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics
U of M Center for Micromagnetics and Information Technologies
U of M Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery
U of M Center for MR-Guided Therapy
U of M Center for Nanostructure Applications
U of M Center for Neurobehavioral Development
U of M Center for Plants and Human Health
U of M Center for Public Health Education and Outreach
U of M Center for Spirituality and Healing
U of M Center for the Study of Healthcare Management
U of M Duluth Center for Economic Development
U of M Duluth Center for Cell and Molecular Biology
CentraCare Health System
Central MN Ethanol Co-op
Cereal Disease Laboratory
Ceridian Corp.
Certusoft, Inc.
Chameleon Scientific
Chart Industries, Inc.
U of M Chemical Biology Initiative
Cherry Tree & Co.
CHF Solutions, Inc.
Children's Cancer Research Fund
Children's HeartLink
Children's Hospitals and Clinics
Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company, LLC
ChRi Laboratories, Inc.
Churchill Capital, Inc.
Cima NanoTech, Inc.
Cintegra Technology, Inc.
Circle Biologics, LLC
Citizens' Council on Health Care
Citizens' League of Minnesota
CJ Olson Market Research, Inc.
Clarus Medical, LLC
Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs)
Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.
Clinical Research Systems, Inc.
U of M Clinical Trials
U of M Clinical and Translational Science Institute
U of M Clinical Veterinary Investigation Center
Clinician Computing, Inc.
U of M Cloquet Forestry Center
Closys Corp.
CoAxia, Inc.
Cognizo Technologies, Inc.
Colder Products Company
The Collaboration
The Collaborative
U of M College of Continuing Education - Corporate Education
Coloplast Corp. - Skin Care Division
Community Health Charities Minnesota
Comprehensive Reimbursement Consultants, Inc.
U of M Computational Genetics Laboratory
Computer Solutions, Inc.
ConcepTx Medical, Inc.
Conklin Company, Inc.
U of M Consortium for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CBCB)
U of M Consortium on Law and Values in Health, Environment & the Life Sciences
ContiMed, Inc.
U of M Continuing Medical Education
Cool Clean Technologies, Inc.
Coordinate Capital, LLC
Coral Group
Coram Healthcare Services Center
CoreSpine Technologies, Inc.
Corportate Initiatives Ltd.
Corventis Medical, Inc.
Cosmeta Corp.
Council of Growing Companies
Courante Oncology
Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC
Crawford Capital Corp.
Cray Research, Inc.
Creative Healthcare Management, Inc.
Creekridge Capital LLC
Crown Iron Works Co.
Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc.
CSI Testing, Inc.
Custom-Rx Compounding Pharmacy
CVRx, Inc.
Cybertrol Engineering, Inc.
Cymbet Corp.
Cyphermetrix, Inc.
Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
CystoMedix, Inc.
Dagan Corp.
Dasco Label
DataCard Corp.
Datakey Electronics
Datalog, LLC.
David Mottet Medical & Biological Illustration
Davisco Foods International, Inc.
DCI, Inc.
DecipherI.T., Inc.
Defense Alliance of Minnesota
Definity Health
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Delphi Ventures
Denysys Corp.
Deringer-Ney, Inc.
Dermatrends, Inc.
Design Solutions, Inc.
DesignWise Medical
Despatch Industries
Destron Fearing Corp.
U of M Developmental Biology Center
Devicix LLC
DGIMed Ortho, Inc.
Diabetes Careworks
U of M Diabetes Institute for Immunology and Transplantation
Diabetes Sentry Products, Inc.
Diametrics Medical, Inc.
DiaSorin, Inc.
Dicke, Billig & Czaja, P.A.
Digi International
Digital Angel Corp.
U of M Digital Media Center
Digital Reflexions
U of M Digital Technology Center
Discovery Genomics, Inc.
Diversified Medical Corp./NCE
DMS Health Group
Doherty Human Resources Outsourcing
Donaldson Company
Donatelle Plastics, Inc.
Dorsey Health Strategies LLC
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Dotronix Inc.
Dougherty & Company LLC
Douglas Scientific
U of M Drug Delivery Center
Dymedex Consulting
Dymedix Corp.
Dynacor, Inc.
Dynamic Engineering, Inc.
Dynamic Group
E & O Tool and Plastics, Inc.
Earth Tech, Inc.
Eastman Kodak Company - Health Imaging Group
Easy Systems, Inc.
Ecolab, Inc.
Economic Development Association of Minnesota - EDAM
EI Microcircuits, Inc.
ELA Medical, LLC
Elec-Trol, Inc.
Electromed, Inc.
Element Materials Technology
Ellerbe Becket, Inc.
Elmwood Solutions, Inc.
Emerson Consultants, Inc.
Emerson Process Management
Eminent Research Systems, Inc.
Empi, Inc.
EMR Innovations, Inc.
Encore Technologies, Inc.
Endocardial Solutions, Inc.
Endocare, Inc.
University of St. Thomas Engineering and Technology Management Program
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Enhanced Living Technologies, Inc.
Enhanced Mobility Technologies, Inc.
Eniva Corp.
Enova Medical Technologies, Inc.
Enpath Medical, Inc.
Entegris, Inc.
Entellus Medical, Inc.
EnteroMedics, Inc.
Enterprise Minnesota
Environ Biocomposites, LLC
Environmental Intelligence, Inc.
U of M Environmental Resources Spatial Analysis Center (ERSAC)
EnviroScrub Technologies Corp.
Envoy Medical, Inc.
EPIEN Medical, Inc.
Epitōpix, LLC
Epsilon Systems, Inc.
Ergodyne, Inc.
Ergotron, Inc.
Ernst & Young LLP
Ever Cat Fuels, LLC
Evergreen Consulting Group, LLC
Evergreen Medical Technologies, Inc.
Excelen Center for Bone & Joint Research and Education
Excorp Medical, Inc.
U of M Experimental Surgery Services
Expodent, Inc.
Export Institute
Express Diagnostics International
Express Scripts
Exsulin Corp.
U of M Extension Service
Faegre & Benson LLP
Fair Isaac Corp.
Fairview Health Services
Fairview-University Diagnostic Laboratories
Fang Consulting
FARGO Electronics, Inc.
Farmers Union Marketing & Processing Association
Fast Forward Medical
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
FiberStar, Inc.
Fibrominn, LLC
FilmTec Corporation
Filtration Engineering, Inc.
Fish & Richardson PC
Fitzco, Inc.
Fleishman-Hillard, Inc.
Flint Hills Resources, LP
U of M Food Industry Center
Forage Genetics International
Forensic Technologies, Inc.
Fortress Medical Systems, LLC
U of M Foundation
Fredrickson & Byron PA
Freedom of Speech, Inc
Freezedry Specialties, Inc
Galaxy Consumables
GeigerBevolo, Inc.
Gel-Del Technologies, Inc.
U of M General Clinical Research Center
The General Mills Foundation
General Mills, Inc.
General Mills Bell Institute of Health & Nutrition
GeneSegues, Inc.
Genesis Business Centers, Ltd.
Gentra Systems, Inc.
GeoDigm Corp.
Geoffrey Ferster Associates
getSTEM Minnesota
GfK Custom Research, Inc.
GH Medical, Inc.
ghOst Productions - Medical Animation
Gideon Hixon Ventures
Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
Global Commerce & Communication, Inc. (GCCI)
GMI, Inc.
GN ReSound North America
Granite Falls Energy, LLC
Grant Thornton LLP
Gray Plant Mooty PA
The Great North Alliance
Great River Energy
Greenbrier & Russel
Group Design, Inc.
GSP Consulting Corp.
GT Urological, Inc.
Guidant Corp.
Guideline, Inc.
Guy Research
Gyrus Medical, Inc.
Haldeman-Homme, Inc.
Halleland Lewis Nilan & Johnson PA.
Hall Kinion
HALO Innovations, Inc.
Hamline Health Care Institute
Hammel Green and Abrahamson, Inc.
Harbinger Medical, Inc.
Harland Medical Systems, Inc.
Harris Communications, Inc.
Hawkins Chemical, Inc.
H.B. Fuller Company
HD Brous & Co., Inc.
HDR, Inc.
HeadWater Systems, Inc.
Healthcare Academy
Healthcare Management Resources, Inc.
HealthCare Recruiters International
HealthEZ, Inc.
Health Fitness Corp.
HealthSpan Home Care & Hospice
HealthSystem Minnesota
Healthworks Home Medical, Inc.
HealthSimple, LLC
Health Systems Innovations, Inc.
Hearing Clinic
Hearing Components, Inc.
Heart Failure Technologies, Inc.
HEI, Inc.
Helios Nutrition, LTD.
Heraeus Medical Components
Heron Lake BioEnergy
Hennepin County Medical Center
HHPC Systems
U of M High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
Higher Dimension Research, Inc.
James J. Hill Business Reference Library
James J. Hill Group
Hill-Rom -- The Vest
Hinshaw & Culbertson
Hoffman Communications
The Hogan Company
Honeywell, Inc.
Hopkins Technology, LLC
U of M Hormel Institute
Hormel HealthLabs
Horwath Resource Group, LLC
Hospital Pathology Associates, P.A.
Hubert H. Humphrey Cancer Center
Humanetics Corp.
U of M Human Factors Research Laboratory
U of M Human Rights and Medicine Program
U of M Humphrey Institute's Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program
U of M Humphrey Institute's State and Local Policy Program
Hutchinson Technology, Inc.
Hybrid Medical Animation
Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc.
Hysitron, Inc.
IBM Corp.
Idea Scientific Co.
Identix, Inc.
IEQ Corp.
IFP, Inc.
Image Systems Corp.
Imation Corp.
Immuno-Biological Laboratories, Inc.
Immunochemistry Technologies LLC
Impact Ergonomics Corp.
Imperial Custom Molding, Inc.
ImPres Medical, Inc.
Imricor Medical Inc.
IMV International Corp.
Incisive Surgical, Inc.
U of M Industrial Partnership for Research in Interfacial and Materials Engineering - IPRIME
InfoTech North LLC
Ingenix, Inc.
Ingman Laboratories
InHouse Media
Inish Corp.
U of M Initiative on Renewable Energy and the Environment (IREE)
Inlet Medical, Inc.
Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc.
Innovative Laser Technologies, Inc.
Innovative Research, Inc.
Innovatrix, Inc.
Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
U of M Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
U of M Institute for Molecular Virology
U of M Institute for Social, Economic and Ecological Sustainability
Institute for a Sustainable Future
U of M Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development
U of M Institute of Human Genetics
U of M Institute of Technology Industrial & Community Assistance Center
U of M Institute on the Environment
InstyMeds Corp.
The Integra Group
Integrity Biologics, Inc.
Intellignostics, Inc.
U of M Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change - ICGC
Interim HealthCare of the Twin Cities
InterMedco Funds Group
International Ag Labs, Inc.
International Cardio Corp.
International Health Summit LLC
U of M International Medical Education and Research Program
U of M International Science & Technology Policy & Practice - InSTePP
InterNex, Ltd.
Interpoll Laboratories, Inc.
Interrad Medical, Inc.
Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc.
Intervet International
IntriCon Corp.
Introworks, Inc.
Inverness Medical Technology, Inc.
Invest in Minnesotans
Iotek, Inc.
Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Agency
ISurTec, LLC
Itasca Project
I-Tek Medical Technologies
U of M Jane Goodall Institute's Center for Primate Studies
Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
J. Gordon Electronic Design, Inc.
John M. Morrison Center for Entrepreneurship
U of M Joint Degree Program in Law, Health & the Life Sciences
Jundt Associates, Inc.
Jung Seed Genetics, Inc.
Juno, Inc.
Kardia Health Systems, Inc.
Katz Analytical Services
KJ International Resources
Kelly Scientific Resources
Kensey Nash Corporation
Keomed, Inc.
Kerry Bio-Science
Kerry Ingredients and Flavours
Key Investment, Inc.
KeyStaff Online
Key Surgical, Inc.
Kinetic Concepts, Inc.
Kingfisher Biotech, Inc.
Kips Bay Medical, Inc.
Klepinski & DuVal, P.A.
K. Mattox & Associates, Inc.
KMI Diagnostics, Inc.
Kommerstad Center for Business Law and Entrepreneurship
Kondzella & Cyr, P.A.
Kopp Investment Advisors
KPMG Peat Marwick, LLC
Lai Laboratories, Inc.
Lakeland Biomedical, Inc.
Lake Region Manufacturing, Inc.
Lancet Software Development, Inc.
Land Stewardship Project
Larsen Design + Interactive
Larson, Allen, Weishair & Co., LLP
Laser Design, Inc.
Laserdyne Prima, Inc.
Lawson Software
Le Research, Inc.
LecTec Corp.
Leeds Precision Instruments, Inc.
Lee F. Murphy, Inc.
Lemhi Ventures
Leonard, Street and Deinard
LFE Capital
Liberty Process Technologies, LLC
Lifecore Biomedical, Inc.
LifeScience Alley
U of M Lillehei Heart Institute
The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation
Lindquist & Vennum, PLLP
LKT Laboratories, Inc.
Lockridge Grindal Nauen & Holstein PLLP
Logic Product Development
Lonza, Inc., Cohasset
LSS Data Systems, Inc.
Lumen Biomedical, Inc.
LumiLife Corp.
Lumina Engineering
Lutonix, Inc.
M&A Group
MacroVentures, Inc.
Magellan Medical Technology Consultants
MagStar Technologies, Inc.
MAICO Diagnostics
MAK-BEA Laboratory, Inc.
Mallinckrodt, Inc. - Imaging
Mallinckrodt, Inc. - Respiratory
Manufacturer's eBusiness Network
MAPS Applied Research Center
Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand, LLP
Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc.
U of M Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
MaxMed, Inc.
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic Biomedical Imaging Resource
Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
Mayo Clinic Center for Translational Science Activities (CSTA)
Mayo Clinic Research
Mayo Clinic Stem Cell Laboratory
Mayo Clinic Transplantation Biology
Mayo Clinical Enteric Neuroscience Research (C.E.N.T.E.R.) Program
Mayo Clinical Trial Services
Mayo Division of Biomedical Informatics
Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
Mayo Genomic Research Facility
Mayo Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering
Mayo Health System
Mayo Office of Intellectual Property
Mayo Proteomics Research Center
Mayo Reference Services
Mayo Vaccine Research Group
McGladrey & Pullen, LLP
McGraw-Hill Healthcare Informatics
McKee, Voorhees & Sease, PLC
McKesson Corp.
McKessonHBOC Medical Group Extended Care
McKesson Medication Management
The McKnight Foundation
McLean Medical and Scientific, Inc.
MD Biosciences, Inc.
MDT Services
Measurement Technology Laboratories
Medafor, Inc.
Medallion Labs
MedCity News
Med-Diet Laboratories, Inc.
Medical Concepts Development, Inc.
MedicalCV, Inc.
U of M Medical Devices Center
Medical Engineering Resources, LLC
Medical Graphics Corp.
Medical Imaging Solutions
Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI)
Medical Innovations International, Inc.
Medical Learning, Inc.
Medical Products Resource
Medical Solutions, Inc.
Medical Technology Leadership Forum
Medical Transactions, Inc.
Medication Management Systems, Inc.
Medicom Digital
Medinvent, LLC
Medisyn Technologies, Inc.
MediVators, Inc.
MedNet Solutions, Inc.
Medpower, Inc.
MedSource Technologies, Inc.
Medspira, LLC
MedTech Development
MedTech Leadership, Inc.
MedTech Resource Alliance
Medtox Scientific, Inc.
Medtronic, Inc.
Medtronic CareLink Network
Medtronic Europe SA
Medtronic MiniMed
Medtronic Neurological
Medtronic Restore Medical
MedVest LLC
MedVision, Inc.
Medwave, Inc.
MEI Research, Ltd.
Memorial Blood Centers of Minnesota
Mendell Machine and Manufacturing, Inc.
The Mercanti Group, LLC
Merchant & Gould PA
Merit Corp.
MeritCare Health System
Messerli & Kramer, P.A.
MetaFarms.com, Inc.
Methodist Hospital
Metropolitan Area Research Corporation - MARC
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Economic Development Association - MEDA
MGI Pharma, Inc.
U of M Microbial and Plant Genomics Institute
Microbial Diagnostics, Inc.
Micro Control Company
Micro Dynamics Corp.
Micro-Matics LLC
Micro Medical Systems, Inc.
Micromedics, Inc.
Micro Modeling Associates, Inc.
MicroSurfaces, Inc.
Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments
Microvena Corp.
Midland Scientific, Inc.
The Midwest Center for Reproductive Health, P.A.
Midwest Medical Services
Midwest Orthopaedic Research Foundation
Midwest Science Biocenter
Midwest Spine Institute
Mike Mirvis Consulting
Milestone Growth Fund, Inc.
MinforMed LLC
Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) Department
Minneapolis LifeSciences Corridor
Minneapolis Heart Institute
Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation
Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation
Minnesota-Saint Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership (REDP)
Minneapolis VA Medical Center
Minnesota Academy of Science
Minnesota Agricultural Extension Service
Minnesota Agri-Growth Council
Minnesota Angel Network (MNAN)
Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers
Minnesota BioBusiness Center
Minnesota Biomass Exchange
Minnesota Bramstedt Surgical Instruments, Inc.
Minnesota Business Magazine
Minnesota Business Partnership
Minnesota Center for Corporate Responsibility
Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy
Minnesota Center for Health Care Ethics
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
Minnesota Chapter of the Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society
Minnesota Citizens Forum on Health Care Costs
Minnesota Clinical Research Alliance
Minnesota Corn Growers Association
Minnesota Council of Health Plans
Minnesota Council on Foundations
Minnesota Crop Improvement Association
Minnesota Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Minnesota Department of Commerce - BioEnergy
Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota Department of Human Services
The Minnesota Entrepreneurs, Inc.
Minnesota Environmental Initiative
Minnesota Eye Consultants, P.A.
Minnesota Food & Nutrition Network
Minnesota Forest Industries
Minnesota Futurists
Minnesota Governor's Workforce Development Council - GWDC
Minnesota Health Technology Advisory Committee
Minnesota High Technology Association
Minnesota Historical Society
Minnesota Hospital Association
Minnesota IMPLAN Group, Inc.
Minnesota Innovation Center
Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
Minnesota Institute of Public Health
Minnesota International Center
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Minnesota Medical Association
Minnesota Medical Foundation
Minnesota Medical Edu-Ware
Minnesota Medical Group Management Association
Minnesota Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics Facility
Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology
Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics
Minnesota Pharmacists Association
Minnesota Physician Publishing, Inc.
Minnesota Planning
Minnesota Power
Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association
The Minnesota Project
Minnesota Public Health Association
Minnesota Research Fund
Minnesota Rural Partners
Minnesota Science & Technology Authority
Minnesota Science Teachers Association - MnSTA
Minnesota Sea Grant Program
Minnesota Small Business Services - MNSBS
Minnesota-South Dakota Dairy Foods Research Center
Minnesota Soybean
Minnesota Soybean Processors
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities - Bioscience Programs
Minnesota State University Mankato - Biotechnology Program
Minnesota State University Mankato - Center for Rural Policy and Development
Minnesota State University Moorhead - Biotechnology Program
U of M Supercomputing Institute for Digital Simulation and Advanced Computation
Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide
Minnesota Technical Assistance Program - MnTAP
Minnesota Trade Office
Minnesota US Export Assistance Center
Minnesota Valley Med Net
Minnesota Vascular Diseases Center
Minnesota Venture Capital Association
Minnesota Virtual University - MnVU
Minnesota Wire
Minnesota World Trade Association
Minnetronix, Inc.
Minntech Corp.
MinnWest Technology Campus
MinuteClinic, Inc.
Miracle-Ear®, Inc.
Miromatrix Medical, Inc.
MITI Corp.
MJ Biologics
MLS Services
Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.
MR Instruments, Inc.
MSP Corp.
MTS Systems Corp.
Mucosal and Vaccine Research Center - VA Medical Center
Mueting Raasch & Gebhardt PA
MVP Marketing + Design, Inc.
MVTL Laboratories, Inc.
Mycogen Seeds
Myocor, Inc.
My Health Minnesota > Go Local
Nanocopoeia, Inc.
U of M Nano Fabrication Center
NanoValley Innovations
The NanoVeritas Group
Nascent Surgical, LLC
National Ataxia Foundation
National Calibration and Testing Laboratories
National Cell Culture Center
U of M National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics - NCED
U of M National Center for Food Protection and Defense
National Institute of Health Policy
National Marrow Donor Program
Natural Biologics, LLC
Natural Resources Conservation Service - Minnesota
U of M Natural Resources Research Institute
NatureWorks LLC
NaturNorth Technologies, LLC
Neochord, Inc.
Nestlé Foods
Netbriefings, Inc.
Neuromics Antibodies
NeuroVasx, Inc.
NEUROVIA International Neuroimaging Consortium
NewBio E Systems, Inc.
NewMech Companies, Inc.
Newport Laboratories, Inc.
NewWater, LLC
U of M New Product Design and Business Development Program
NISCO International, Inc.
NK Biotechnical Corp.
Nonin Medical, Inc.
William C. Norris Institute
Norstan Network Services, Inc.
North Central Soil Conservation Research Laboratory
North Memorial Health Care
Northco Healthcare Services
Northern Crops Institute
Northern Great Plains, Inc.
Northern Minnesota Renewable Energy Center
Northern Research Laboratories, Inc.
Northern Tier High Technology Corridor
Northland Choice BioDiesel
Northspan Group, Inc.
NorthStar Chapter of the Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce
NorthStar Genetics, Ltd.
North Star - State of Minnesota Online
Northwest Area Foundation
Northwest-Midwest Alliance
Northwest Swiss-Matic, Inc.
Northwoods DNA, Inc.
NOW Medical Centers, Inc.
NuAire, Inc.
Nutricepts, Inc.
Nutripro BioSystems, Inc.
NVE Corp.
NxThera, Inc.
Oak Investment Partners
ODS Medical, Inc.
U of M Office of Business Development
OFSTEAD & Associates, Inc.
Olmsted Medical Center
Olsen Thielen & Co., Ltd.
Omnetics Connector Corp.
Omni-Tract Surgical
On Call Clinicians
OncoStim, Inc.
Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnelly LLP
Optomec Advanced Applications Laboratory
Orasi Medical, Inc.
Orchid, Ltd.
OrthoCor Medical, Inc.
Osborn Medical Corp.
OSI Batteries, Inc.
Osmonics, Inc.
Otto Bock Health Care
The Otto Schmitt Biomimetic Charitable Foundation
Outlook Biomedical
Pace Analytical Services, Inc. - Environmental
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
Paddock Laboratories, Inc.
Paladin Medical, Inc.
Palen/Kimball Company
Park Nicollet Health Services
Park Nicollet Institute
PaR Systems, Inc.
ParTech Corporation
Pathfinder Venture Capital Funds
Patterson Dental Co.
Patterson Thuente IP
U of M Paul and Sheila Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Center
PCS Health Systems, Inc.
PDL BioPharma, Inc.
PediaPals LLC
Pediatric Home Service
Peer Environmental & Engineering Resources, Inc.
Pelegrin Partners, LLC
PentaPure, Inc.
Pentonian, Inc.
PepTx, Inc.
PhibroChem Ltd.
Phillips Eye Institute
Phillips Plastics Corp.
Phoenix Medical Services, Inc.
Physical Electronics, Inc.
The Pillsbury Company
Pioneer Hi-bred International, Inc.
Piper Jaffray Ventures
PlaCor, Inc.
PlasiaTEK, LLC
PMT Corp.
PneuMedics, Inc.
POET Biorefining
Poliac Research Corp.
Porous Media Corp.
Portage Capital, Inc.
Possis Medical Inc.
Potlatch Corp.
Powerscope, Inc.
PPD, Inc.
PPI Technologies, Inc.
PRACS Institute, Ltd.
Pragmatek Consulting Group Ltd.
Precise Products Corp.
U of M Precision Agriculture Center
Preferred One
Premier Dental Laboratories, Inc.
Prevent Products, Inc.
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLD
Primus Venture Partners
Princeton Reimbursement Group
Prisma International, Inc.
Prism Research, Inc.
ProCon Companies
Product Technologies Design, LLC
ProMedicus Systems, Inc.
ProMed Molded Products, Inc.
PROMEON Division of Medtronic
Promethean Medical Technologies, Inc.
Proposals Granted, LLC
ProtaTek International, Inc.
Protide Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ProUroCare, Inc.
ProVation Medical, Inc.
Psyncretis, Inc.
Pulmonetic Systems, Inc.
Pulse Innovation
PUR, Recovery Engineering, Inc.
PureZone Technologies, LLC
Pursuit Vascular, Inc.
QMI Systems
QRS Diagnostic
QRS Mounts, Inc.
Quali Tech, Inc.
Quality Research, Development & Consulting, Inc.
Quality Systems
Quatris Fund
Radiation Products Design, Inc.
The Rahn Group
U of M Rapid Agricultural Response Fund
Rapid Diagnostek, Inc.
U of M Raptor Center
U of M Rasmussen Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
Raymedica, Inc.
RBC Dain Rauscher
R&D Systems, Inc.
Receptors LLC
Recombinetics, Inc.
RedBrick Health
Red Wing Technologies, Inc.
REG Albert Lea, LLC
U of M Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships Program
Regions Alzheimer's Research Center
Regulatory & Clinical Research Institute, Inc.
R8Scan Corp.
Reliable Medical Supply, Inc.
REM Health, Inc.
Remmele Engineering, Inc.
Renco Corp.
ReNew Apparel
Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Associates, P.A.
ReproTech, Ltd.
U of M Research Animal Resources
Research Data Assistance Center - ResDAC
U of M Research Services Organization
Resolvit Resources
RespirTech, Inc.
Revis & Associates, Inc.
RINTek Laboratories, Inc.
Risdall Advertising Agency Interactive
Rivertek Medical Systems, Inc.
rms machining
Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi LLP
Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc.
Rochester Area Higher Education Providers Council
Rochester Medical Corporation
Rochester Methodist Hospital
Roland Mann & Associates, Inc.
Rorke Data, Inc.
Rosemount Research and Outreach Center
Ross-Hime Designs, Inc.
Rotation Medical, Inc.
Rtech Laboratories
RTP Company
Rural Minnesota Life
Rx2000 Institute
Ryder Engineering Corp.
S&K Automation
S&W Plastics, LLC
SafePath Laboratories, LLC
SAGE Health Management Solutions, Inc.
Saint Marys Hospital Rochester
Sallberg Medical, Inc.
SAS Institute, Inc.
Scandia-Germania-Davis, PLLC
ScanHealth, Inc.
Scanlan International, Inc.
Schott Corp.
Schulze School for Entrepreneurship
Schwegman Lundberg Woessner & Kluth PA
Science Applications International Corporation - SAIC
U of M Science and Engineering Library
Science Initiative of Central Minnesota - SICM
Science Museum of Minnesota
Scientific Animations
Scientific Equipment Liquidators, Inc.
Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
Scientific Molding Corporation Ltd.
Scientific Staffing, Inc.
Seagate Technology LLC
Sebesta Blomberg and Associates, Inc.
Seeds 2000
Segetis, Inc.
Seizure Alert
Separation Kinetics, Inc.
7 Medical Systems, LLC
U of M Sensory Center
Sherpa Partners, LLC
Shumaker & Sieffert, P.A.
SightLine Partners
Silicon Valley Bank
Silliker Laboratories, Inc.
Simulation Works, Inc.
Sinus Rhythm Technologies, Inc.
Sister Kenny Institute
Sisu Medical Systems
SiteCal, Inc.
Sit Investment Associates, Inc.
SKY BioHealth, Inc.
SMDC - St. Mary's/Duluth Clinic Health System
Smiths Medical MD
Soderberg Ophthalmic Services, Inc.
Soft Center Duluth
Soft Flow, Inc.
U of M Software Engineering Center (UMSEC)
Solutions Engineering, LLC
Sonic Innovations, Inc.
Source Food Technology, Inc.
Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative
Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation
Southwest Minnesota Renewable Energy Marketplace
Southwest State University Center for Rural and Regional Studies
Space Center Ventures, Inc.
SPECTRAlytics, Inc.
Spectrum-Aeromed, Inc.
Spectrum Design Solutions, Inc.
Spell Capital Partners, LLC
Spinal Designs International, Inc.
The Spineology Group
Split Rock Partners
Spring Point Project
SPS Commerce
Square One Ventures, LLC
St. Anthony Publishing
St. Cloud State University Herbarium
St. Croix Systems, Inc.
St. James Health Services
St. Jude Medical, Inc.
St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce
St. Paul Consulting
St. Paul Pioneer Press
St. Paul Port Authority
StarchTech, Inc.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.
StarTech Investments
Steinwall, Inc.
Stellent, Inc.
U of M Stem Cell Institute
Stereotaxis, Inc.
SterilMed, Inc.
Steuart Laboratories
StoneArch Creative
StoneBridge Group
Stork Twin City Testing
Stratamed Labs, Inc.
Stratasys, Inc.
Strategic Advantage, Inc.
Strategic Pharmaceutical Solutions, Inc.
Stratis Health
Sunshine Heart, Inc.
superDimension, Inc.
Superior Tool, LLC
Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation
Surgical Technologies, Inc.
SurModics, Inc.
Sustainable Minnesota
SwanFund HealthCare Finance Co.
SWAT Solutions, Inc.
U of M Swine Center
Symbios Clinical, Inc.
Symbology, Inc.
Synaptic Medical, Inc.
Syncor International Corp.
Syngenta Seeds, Inc. - NK
Synovis Interventional Solutions
Synovis Life Technologies, Inc.
Syntiron, LLC
Systec, Inc.
Tactile Systems, Inc.
Talencio, LLC
The Tamarack Group, LLC
Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.
TeamVantage Molding, Inc.
TEC Interface Systems
techMatrix, LLC
Technology for Education, Inc.
TeleHealth Technologies, Inc.
U of M TeleHome Care
Telex, Inc.
TerraMax, Inc.
TestResources, Inc.
TFX Medical, Inc.
ThinkEquity Partners
Thomas, McNerney & Partners, LLC
3M Company
3M Medica
Three Rivers Pathology
ThreeWire, Inc.
Timm Medical Technologies
U of M Tissue Mechanics Laboratory
Tissue Trust, Inc.
Topline Medical, LLC
Top Tool Co.
Torax Medical, Inc.
Toro Agronomics
U of M Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Center - TTURC
Trans-Mississippi Biological Supply
TriCardia, LLC.
Triium, Inc.
Tripp Umbach Healthcare Consulting, Inc.
TriVirix International, Inc.
TruMed Technologies, Inc.
TSE, Inc.
TSI, Inc.
TTI, Inc.
Tunheim Partners
U of M Turfgrass Science
TÜV SÜD America
Twin Cities Angels, LLC
Twin Cities Clinical Research
Twin Cities Shriners Hospital
Twin Star Medical, Inc.
Tysvar, LLC
UAS Laboratories
Ulti Med, Inc.
Uni-Patch, Inc.
Unipower, Inc.
Unisys Corp.
United HealthCare Corp.
United Hospital
United Nations Association of Minnesota
Universal Hospital Services, Inc.
University Center Rochester
University Enterprise Laboratories, Inc.
University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview
University of Minnesota Physicians
University UNITED - St. Paul
Upper Lake Growth Capital
Upsher-Smith Laboratories
Upsize Magazine
Urologix, Inc.
Uromedica, Inc.
Urometrics, Inc.
Uroplasty, Inc.
US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, Inc.
U.S. BioEnergy Corp.
USDA-ARS Plant Science Research Unit
USDA-ARS Red River Valley Agricultural Research Center
USDA-NRCS Soil Quality Institute
U.S. Small Business Administration - Minnesota District Office
Validus Partners
Valley Tissue Culture, Inc.
Vallon LifeScience
Väsamed, Inc.
Vascular Innovations, Inc.
Vascular Solutions, Inc.
Veeco Instruments, Inc.
Vegizyme, LLC
Velocimed, LLC
Velos Medical Informatics, Inc.
Venture Solutions, Inc.
Venturi Group, LLC
Vesbridge Partners
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Via Biomedical, Inc.
ViaMedics, LLC
Virginia Piper Cancer Institute
Virginia Public Utilities Biomass Project
ViroMed Laboratories, Inc.
Virtual Radiologic Consultants
Virtelligence, Inc.
Vision Pharma Technologies, LLC
Vital Images, Inc.
Vital Signs, Minnesota, Inc.
Vivius, Inc.
VMSC Corp.
Volt Life Sciences
VWR Scientific
Walman Optical Co.
Waters Instruments, Inc.
U of M Water Resources Center
Watlow Controls
Weber & Nelson Law Office, PLLC
Wensman Seed Company
West Group
Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research
Wilbrecht Ledco, Inc.
Wilbur Maki Associates
Wilson Marketing Group
Wilson Wolf Manufacturing, Inc.
Wingate Communications Group, Inc.
Winkley Orthotics & Prosthetics
Winona Health
Winona State University Composite Materials Engineering Center
Woodwinds Health Campus
Worrell, Inc.
Worthington Bioscience / Agricultural Partnership
Woychick Design
WR Medical Electronics Co.
Wyncrest Capital, Inc.
Xcel Energy
XIOtech Corp.
Zimmer Spine
Zinpro Corp.
ZirChrom Separations, Inc.
Zumbro River Brand, Inc.
Zyga Technology, Inc.


University of Minnesota Research Centers and Institutes